From Atom, open preferences cmd-comma, then click "install" and search for "VoiceCode", and click "install"`

Atom Config

In your Atom init script (Atom Menu > Init Script...) add the following line:

atom.commands.dispatch(atom.views.getView(atom.workspace), 'voicecode:connect')

For VoiceCode to properly detect text selections in Atom, add this to your Atom Keymap file (Atom Menu > Keymap...)

  'cmd-c': 'editor:copy-selection'

After adding these settings to Atom and saving the files, restart Atom

Legacy VoiceCode Installation

If you are still on the legacy (Meteor) version of VoiceCode, a different branch of the atom plug-in needs to be installed manually. First, make sure that no VoiceCode package is currently installed in Atom, then:

$ cd ~/.atom/packages/
$ git clone [email protected]:VoiceCode/atom-voicecode.git
$ cd atom-voicecode
$ git checkout legacy
$ npm install

Then restart Atom.

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