Upgrading from the pre-electron (command line) version

The electron release is almost a complete rewrite, and is contained in a separate code repository. It is a standalone App that you can run by double-clicking, and therefore installation and updates will no longer be performed through the git command.

Save your existing ~/voicecode directory

move/rename the old folder that was previously at the location ~/voicecode

mv ~/voicecode ~/voicecode_old

Upgrading to Dragon 6

This release is tested with dragon 5.* and 6.*.

If you want to play it safe and be able to still revert to Dragon 5.* right-click on the existing Dragon application in ~/Applications and choose the compress option, then save that file and you could restore it any time by unzipping it and replacing Dragon 6 with that file.

If you are going to use Dragon 6...

  • Go ahead and install it now.
  • Set up a new dragon profile.
  • Do the initial microphone set up.
  • Quit Dragon and proceed with VoiceCode installation

Upgrading your previous user settings and commands

(Guide coming soon) For now please read the other sections of this manual: settings, custom code, commands, packages, etc.

Getting updates (VoiceCode core)

This release includes an auto updater. Currently it auto-updates whenever a new release is available, but we will be adding more fine-grained control of how updates are performed.

Getting updates (Commands and packages)

Since commands are all now defined in packages separate from the main VoiceCode program, they can be installed and updated independently through the VoiceCode interface.

Things that changed

Here are some of the most important things that changed (not comprehensive, will add more to this section as we think of other things that changed)

  • Removed senchen command. Use format:capitalize-next-word 🔉champ🔉 instead.
  • Changed most of the modifier prefixes and some of the suffixes. See the modifiers package for the exact new options
  • Added many commands - especially check out the core package for some new ones
  • Added previous-text:space-before 🔉poser🔉 which is quite handy
  • All commands are now part of a "Package" so every command has an id like package-name:command-name instead of being named just by the spoken form. Commands now have an attribute called spoken to indicate the spoken form.
  • Most settings have been namespaced into their related packages, for example Settings.dragon_darwin.version, or Settings.insert.abbreviations, where dragon_darwin and insert are packages. Settings for each package are available in the same way Settings['package name'].someSetting or if the package name does not have spaces or dashes, Settings.packageName.someSetting

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